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The Rosary Workout
By Peggy Bowes

Price: $22.99 (includes S & H)
“As a busy mom of six, I have been trying to improve my spiritual and physical health for years. I’ve read many books and bought numerous videos but none were the right fit. Peggy Bowes’ The Rosary Workout has proved to be a practical, thorough and effective means of enhancing my spiritual life as well as my physical health. The integration of the physical with the spiritual makes this no ordinary exercise program and no ordinary prayer method. Bowes offers practical tips, personal encouragement and multiple resources that result in success.”
-Lindy Meyer, FCP
About the Author
Peggy Bowes, a devout Catholic, is the author of The Rosary Workout – available soon. She graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 1988 and served nine years as an Air Force pilot and Health and Wellness consultant. After leaving the military to raise a family, Peggy continued her education in the fitness industry by becoming certified as a personal trainer, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant and Spinning® instructor. She established a successful and rewarding business in metabolic and athletic performance (VO2) testing, with an emphasis on weight loss counseling.

Peggy is also very active in parish life. She has been a lector, CCD teacher, and Little Flowers Girls' Club leader. She also enjoys triathlons, hiking, adventure races, and other sports as she incorporates all the benefits and blessings of The Rosary Workout. Peggy and her husband and two children currently reside in North Carolina.